The Air Force Chapel - The National Basilica Brussels

The Air Force Chapel

The Air Force Chapel was dedicated in the presence of King Baudouin in September 1988, in memory of Belgian men and women who died in the Royal Air Force and in the Air Forces of the Commonwealth, the Escape Lines and the Secret Agents, in the cause of Freedom and Liberty.  

The Chapel is one of several that surround the main abbey within the National Basilica Brussels, and includes specially commissioned Anglo-Belgian Forces stained glass Memorial Windows, a Roll of Honour, containing the names of the Belgian airmen who died, and the squadron plaques of 35 RAF Squadrons on which the majority of Belgians served in World War II.

This website provides a single source of information, imagery and web-links related to the Chapel and provides further detail in respectful memory of all of the Belgians who served across the Squadrons of The Royal Air Force.  Pictures of the last formal event in September 2013 are available online here.

The National Basilica

The National Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Koekelberg Brussels, in which the Air Force Chapel is located, ranks fifth among the world's largest churches, after the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Paix in Yamoussokro on the Ivory Coast, St Peter's inRome, St Paul's in London and Santa Maria Dei Fiori in Florence.

As well as a place of worship, it is a magnificent Art Deco monument containing two museums as well as the Air Forces Chapel, to which this website is dedicated.